Albert and Vito Agueci, also known as the Agueci brothers, were Sicilian mafiosi who were involved with the "French Connection" in smuggling heroin from Canada into the United States during the 1950s.

Albert Agueci became known for his torture-murder in 1961 by members of the Magaddino crime family. Vito Agueci eventually ended up spending time in the same Atlanta Federal Penitentiary as New York boss Vito Genovese and his underling, Joseph "Joe Cago" Valachi. Valachi was a former member of the Agueci brothers' heroin network until he was arrested along with the Agueci brothers and all the members of their operation in 1961. Vito harboured ill feelings towards Valachi while they were in prison and conspired to have him killed by lying to Valachi's boss, Genovese.

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