Template:Cleanup Ahmet Esat Tomruk (1892/1893 - 14 February 1966) was a Turkish spy born in Constantinople (Istanbul), also known as "İngiliz Kemal" [Kemal, the Englishman][1] in Turkey.

He studied in Galatasaray High School. His father died when he was five[citation needed]. During his time in England[when?], he learned English, and, being a blond man, could pass for an Englishman. During the First World War he worked for the Special Organization of the Ottoman Empire. In the Turkish Independence War he was received by Mustafa Kemal and charged with entering an encampment of the Greek Army.[2] Tomruk was portrayed by the 1952 film "Ingiliz Kemal Lawrense karsi" and the 1968 "Ingiliz Kemal".[3][4]

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