Ajai Sahni is an author and expert on counter-terrorism, and serves as the Executive Director of the Institute for Conflict Management in New Delhi, which maintains the South Asia Terrorism Portal, a website focusing on terrorism in South Asia.[1] Sahni also edits 'South Asia Intelligence Review' and 'Faultlines'.[1]

Sahni earned his Ph.D. at the University of Delhi, where his dissertation was titled 'Democracy, Dissent & the Right to Information'.[1]

Published work[edit | edit source]

Sahni has published a number of papers and articles, and has been interviewed on terrorism-related matters.[2][3][4][5] [6] [7][8] In 2006 he submitted written evidence to the UK House of Commons, Select Committee on Foreign Affairs regarding Islamic terrorism in South Asia which is available on House of Commons website.[9]

Citation as an expert[edit | edit source]

Jason Overdorf, writing for Newsweek, described Sahni as "a local counterterrorism expert" and interviewed him after 2008 Mumbai attacks.[3] Emily Wax and Rama Lakshmi, writing for The Washington Post, also described Sahni as "a counterterrorism expert" in another article on the 2008 Mumbai attacks.[10] In February 2009, Emma Nicholson, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, included Sahni in a panel of leading experts debating how to combat global terrorism with UK Parliamentarians.[11][12]

Political position[edit | edit source]

After the Mumbai attacks, Sahni criticized the Indian government. Madhur Singh, writing in Time, quoted Sahni "We have such an incoherent and incapable leadership, and across all political parties. While Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seems to understand the scale of the challenge, he doesn't seem to carry the weight with his own Cabinet colleagues. And the irrational opposition has been blocking all forward-looking steps, irrespective of national interest."[13]

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