Aleksei Dressen (born 1968 in Riga[1]) is a former Estonian Security Police officer being charged with treason.[2] He is being charged with cooperating with Russian intelligence service FSB. He is an ethnic Russian.[3]

During the Soviet occupation of Estonia, Aleksei Dressen worked as a policeman (militia) and in 1993 started working for newly founded Estonian Security Police. 1994 he lost his police ID. A year later there was a disciplinary charge for wrongful conduct at work. This has happened for several times in his career. In 1999 his salary was cut 30% for two months.[3]

Despite all this Aleksei Dressen managed to become a director of several different units in Estonian Security Police.[4]

Aleksei Dressen and his wife Viktoria were arrested on the morning of the 22 of February 2012 at the Tallinn Airport. Viktoria was about to board a flight to Moscow. During the arrest a thumb drive full of information was seized.[4] The chief architect behind Dressens capture is considered to be the deputy chief of Estonian Security Police Aleksander Toots. He is also considered to be the actual chief of the Estonian Security Police.[5]

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