Angelo Prisco
New Jersey Casino Control Commission picture of Angelo Prisco
New Jersey Casino Control Commission picture of Angelo Prisco
Born (1939-08-01)August 1, 1939
Melrose Park, Illinois
Alias(es) The Horn

Angelo Prisco (born August 1, 1939), also known as "The Horn", is a New Jersey mobster who became a caporegime in the Genovese crime family.

He stands at 5'7 and weighs 165 pounds with brown eyes and gray-black hair. With the 1988 murder of Genovese caporegime John DiGilio, Prisco assumed control of the Genovese family operations in New Jersey. He is a relative of Rudolph (Rudy) Prisco, a Genovese crime family who was indicted and convicted of criminal activity from the testimony of Joseph Valachi in 1963.

In 1992, Prisco ordered the murder of Genovese family caporegime Angelo Sanguiolo. After discovering that Sanguiolo robbed four Genovese gambling operations in the Bronx, Prisco received permission from Genovese boss Vincent Gigante to kill Sanguiolo.[1] In 1994, Prisco was charged with the 1988 DiGilio murder as part of a racketeering indictment. However, in 1998, Prisco was allowed to plead guilty to the arson only and was sentenced to 12 years in New Jersey state prison.

In 2002, Prisco applied to the state parole board for early release, but was denied. However, in May of that year the parole reversed their decision and in August Prisco was released from prison.[2] In 2003, a parole board member complained to the State Attorney General's office that the parole board chairman told him an aide to Governor James McGreevey had requested Prisco's release. The governor and his aide immediately denied the allegations. After an investigation by the Attorney General, no criminal charges were filed.

In 2006, Prisco was charged with extorting an electrician to not bid for job so that a mob-related electrical company could win the business.[3]

In December 2008, Prisco was indicted in New York for the 1992 Sanguiolo murder, along with extorting a Manhattan-based construction business, dealing in stolen property, and illegal gambling. On August 18, 2009, Prisco was sentenced to life in prison for the Sanguiolo murder.[4] As of March 2011, Prisco is serving a life sentence at the United States Penitentiary Colemanin Central Florida.[5]

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