Anibal Gordon was an Argentine suspected of being a leader of the Triple A death squad, active during the "Dirty War" in the 1970s. He was also a member of the SIDE intelligence agency between 1968 and 1984.[1]

At the time of his death in prison, Gordon was accused of several kidnappings and murders. He had been convicted of carrying out the murders of José Rucci, Silvio Frondizi and Rodolfo Ortega Peña. He was also related to the Puccio family, responsible of four kidnappings in the 1980s.

Gordon's police record note various criminal offenses between 1951 and 1972. Freed in 1973, he then engaged in racketeering, kidnapping and assassinations. After the return to democracy in 1983, Gordon was arrested in the mountains of Córdoba Province in January 1984, charged with the kidnapping of activist Guillermo Patricio Kelly which had taken place on 24 August 1983. He was sentenced October 1986 to sixteen years of prison. He died in jail from lung cancer, on 13 September 1987.[2]

Gordon denied participating in the Triple A, although he did admit having worked in the clandestine detention center of the Automotores Orletti during the dictatorship.

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