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Antonio "Mr. Miggs" Pollina
Born 1892 (1892)
Occupation Former Boss of the Philadelphia crime family

Antonio "Mr. Miggs" Pollina (1892 Italy- February 27, 1993 South Philadelphia) was the former boss of the Philadelphia crime family [1]

Mr. Miggs[edit | edit source]

The ascension of Mr. Miggs to the head of the Philadelphia crime family took place in 1959. Pollina had been a favorite of former bosses Salvatore Sabella, John Avena, Giuseppe Dovi and Joseph Ida. Pollina was handed the reigns of the family when Joseph Ida fled the United States to avoid an indictment on narcotic charges. Pollina apparently never felt secure in his position at the head of the table and began plotting to murder those he felt threatened his autonomy. Angelo Bruno fell into this category.[2]

Pollina ordered Ignazio "Natz" Denaro, his Underboss, to murder Bruno but Denaro instead informed Bruno of Pollina's intentions. Bruno used his connections to the The Commission (mafia) to take Pollina's power away from him. The commission authorized Bruno to murder Pollina for reasons that have never been fully explained. The typical theory is that since Pollina plotted to kill Bruno then he had the right to defend himself against Pollina's plot. In truth Pollina was the boss and if he so chose to eliminate one of his family members the commission had no right to stop him. Whatever the case, Pollina stepped down and Angelo Bruno replaced him and kept Denaro as his underboss.[3]

In spite of the alleged murder plot, Pollina remained in Philadelphia and reportedly felt secure enough to ask Bruno to name him as his consigliere after the death of Joe Rugnetta in 1977. Bruno is said to have declined his request and placed the man who would arrange his death 3 years later instead. Mr. Miggs died in 1993 at the age of 100.[4]

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