The Assassination Records Review Board (AARB) was created as a result of an act passed by the US Congress in 1992, titled the "President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992." The Act mandated the gathering and release of all US Government records related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. The Act was passed following the public outcry about the event after the release of Oliver Stone's film JFK, that proposed numerous conspiracy theories involving plots to kill the President. The ARRB collected evidence starting in 1992, then produced its final report in 1998.[1]

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The ARRB was not enacted to determine why or by whom the murder was committed but to collect and preserve the evidence for public scrutiny. After the enactment of the federal law that created the ARRB, the Board collected a large amount of documents and took testimony of those who had relevant information of the events. The Committee finished its work in 1998 and in its final report, the ARRB outlined the problems that government secrecy created regarding the murder of President Kennedy.[2]

During the 1990s it collected the assassination documents which have been slowly released for public scrutiny.[3]

Some of the information was gathered by way of testimony from witnesses that had eyewitness knowledge of the events. For example, the Board interviewed the physicians who treated the president's massive head wound at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.[4] This was a highly trained team of emergency care physicians, some of whom testified in secret before the Warren Commission. These transcripts have now also been made public.[5] Other information consists of a large number of documents from the FBI and CIA that were required to cooperate with the turnover of relevant records held secret by these agencies.

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