The General Intelligence and Security Service (GISS), known in Dutch as Algemene Dienst Inlichting en Veiligheid (ADIV), and in French as Service Général du Renseignement et de la Sécurité (SGR) is the Belgian military intelligence service under responsibility of the Minister of National Defense. It is one of two Belgian intelligence services, together with the civilian Belgian State Security Service.

The director of GISS is also called the Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence and Security (ACOS IS), which is part of the Defense Staff of the Belgian military.

The Service has four divisions, the Intelligence Division, the Security Division, the Security Intelligence Division, and the Support Division.

History[edit | edit source]

During the 1980s, a number of incidents including the Walloon Brabant supermarket killings, the activities of terrorist groups such as the Combatant Communist Cells and the neo-Nazi Westland New Post brought attention and criticism to the activities and ineffectiveness of the nation’s police and intelligence agencies.

In 1991, following two government enquiries, a permanent parliamentary committee known as the Committee I was established to bring these agencies, not previously subject to any outside control, under the authority of Belgium’s federal parliament. Legislation governing the missions and methods of these agencies was put in place in 1998.

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