A Bunch of Guys (BOGs), or Group of Guys (GOGs) are terms used by counter-terrorism officials to refer to small, self-organizing terrorist cells.[1] BOGs typically have little to no contact with global terrorist groups like al Qaeda, so they independently plan and execute their own operations with no outside guidance. BOGs are usually anonymous groups of disaffected amateurs who "self-radicalize".[2]

The term "Bunch of Guys" was popularized by Marc Sageman, author of the book "Leaderless Jihad."[1]

In 2000, Canadian authorities determined that a small group of angry Algerian men were harmless, and called them just a "bunch of guys." One of the group's members, Ahmed Ressam, was later detained with a load of nitroglycerin and timing devices that he planned to use in a terror attack at Los Angeles International Airport.

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