The Center for Policing Terrorism (CPT) is a national-security think tank formed after 9/11 in New York City.

Founding Personalities[edit | edit source]

The Center's founders included former National Security Council Staffer RP Eddy and former White House Counter-Terrorism chief Richard A. Clarke. Policy analyst Mark Riebling served as the Center's Research Director. The Center reportedly developed a network of security experts who advised the NYPD, LAPD, and other domestic law-enforcement agencies.[1]

National Counter Terrorism Academy[edit | edit source]

In 2008, the Center partnered with LAPD Chief William Bratton to create and administer the National Counter Terrorism Academy, offering local law-enforcement officers a standardized counter-terrorism curriculum.[2]

Intelligence-led policing[edit | edit source]

The Center has advanced a theory of intelligence-led policing. The doctrine fuses Israeli counter-terrorist tactics with the Fixing Broken Windows theories advanced by criminologist George L. Kelling and social scientist James Q. Wilson.[3]

Intelligence Support to NYPD[edit | edit source]

The Center reportedly provided analytical support to NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence David Cohen (intelligence), a former Deputy Director for Operations (DDO) in the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Describing the Center's work in his 2008 book, Crush the Cell, NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Counter Terrorism Michael A. Sheehan wrote that the Center "provided a team of intelligence analysts that supported our work with timely and accurate reports on fast-breaking issues." [4]

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