Chiyoki Ikeda (born 3-11-1920 Honolulu, Hawaii; died 3-17.1960)[1] was listed in the CIA Memorial Wall on May 14, 1997.[2] Ikeda had possessed dual citizenship, but chose to renounce his Japanese citizenship in September 1940.[3]

Work in the CIA[edit | edit source]

During the Chinese Civil War, Ikeda was selected for behind-enemy-lines duty in China with the Office of Strategic Services, the World War II forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency,[3] and was decorated with a Bronze Star.[3] After World War II, Ikeda helped screen Japanese prisoners of war in the Soviet Union returning to the US from Siberian camps. Ikeda managed the screening process that identified the POWs who had been trained by the Soviets to act as spies upon arrival in the US.[4]

Language ability[edit | edit source]

Ikeda had excellent command of English and Japanese languages, and basic ability in Chinese and French.[3]

Death[edit | edit source]

Ikeda died on March 17, 1960 in the plane crash of Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 710 [1] in Indiana while on a temporary duty assignment.[4]

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