A Company Level Intelligence Cell is a United States Marine Corps program that both pushes down 0231 Intelligence Analysts from their Battalion S-2 down to the rifle companies while simultaneously augmenting them with specially-trained 0311 Infantry who can conduct basic intelligence work.

Other Services[edit | edit source]

Other land services have similar programs, as a result of the innovations of the OIF and OEF. Junior officers in both British Army and US Army have published professional articles describing this innovation. In the British and USA incarnations, though, the cell is fully internal to the Co unit, drawing only soldiers inside the company with no augmentation from the parent Battalion S-2.

These junior officers have recommended that the FO lieutenant take on the duty of the Co S-2 OIC, and find smart soldiers to staff the cell. They also recommend that the CO rotate in squad leaders and team leaders from the line infantry squads, to get a fresh perspective. The OIC should also accompany patrols sometimes to understand what he is studying.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

The primary analysis technique is link analysis. Over time, the Co and the cell need to build up a dossier on all of the leaders in the AO, major and minor. Primarily, the cell is trying to understand the political power structure in the area, who's in charge, who are the kingmakers, etc. Imagine that the cell is a new reporter reporting on the municipal election of "No-Where, Kansas". The cell should be able to answer, "Who is likely to win the election?" "Why would he win?" "Who are the moon-shiners 'round these parts?" "What are the vendettas here?" "What are some of the past scandals and issues that bear on this election?" That's the level of detail they need to get to. They are trying to figure out who are hostile, who will attack the Coalition Forces.

The cell should also keep the census record of the area. Otherwise, how will they figure out if "Ahmed" just moved into the village, or if he has lived there the whole time?

If an HTT passes through the Co's AO, the OIC need to talk to them and compare notes. The cell can help HTT focus their work and maximize their productivity; HTT can help the cell figure out the gaps in their intelligence, and answer some of their mysteries.

Ideally, the Co's predecessors have passed down their intelligence/targeting dossier, so the cell wouldn't have to start from scratch. If they haven't, then the cell need to start cranking.

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