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This wiki is devoted to Deep Politics, Covert Operations, Intelligence Agencies, Military Action and Organized Crime.

Everything that is citable is notable, and pages on this Wiki should be larger and far more detailed than Wikipedia's page.

This wiki covers:Edit

  • Deep Politics
  • Covert Operations
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Military Action
  • and Organized Crime

The Covert History Wiki's focus is on the things that shape our world in a big way, including International relations, Finance and Deep Politics, Military action and the Black Market, Political Scandals and Corruption of all sorts.

This wiki will even cover "conspiracy theories," though it will not tolerate speculation or leaps of logic.

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    Comment: fbi is invesation on n-dex crime to pdf poragrom on caese trrories in hyman wmd wapons mass of dreution working thith president turmp whiet house im...
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    Comment: The outline and connection of al-Qaeda to the events that occurred on 9/11 is speculative and not based upon reality of what we know now. It is now...
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    Comment: Her dog's name was "Babs" not Frisson.  She had no intention of ever using the signal.  There is no doubt she disliked the British (as many French...
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