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The Direction Centrale du Renseignement Intérieur (Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence, DCRI) is a French intelligence agency which reports directly to the Ministry of the Interior. It became officially operational on 1 July 2008, through the merging of the Direction centrale des renseignements généraux and the Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire of the French National Police.

The DCRI is headed by Patrick Calvar.[1][2] It is organised with a headquarters and eight departments[citation needed]:

  • Economic Protection (Gilles Gray),
  • Terrorism (Michel Guerin),
  • Intelligence Technologies (Michel Pages),
  • Violent Subversion (Françoise Bilancini),
  • General Administration (Thierry Matta),
  • Support (Jean-François Lelievre),
  • Counter-Espionnage (Jean Petronille),
  • International Affairs (Eric Toucas).

The functions of the DCRI are:

File:DCRI HQ.jpg

DCRI Headquarters in Levallois-Perret

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