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Director : Sheikh Mamun Khaled
Department : Intelligence
Established : 1972

The Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) is the Premier Military Intelligence agency of Bangladesh.[1][2] Along with the National Security Intelligence (NSI) and Special Branch (SB), these three agencies are presumably the main components of the country's intelligence community.

Administration[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) was established in 1972 with the name of Directorate of Forces Intelligence (DFI).[3][4] It was reformed by then President of Bangladesh Lieutenant General Ziaur Rahman in 1977.[1][5] It was renamed to "Directorate General of Forces Intelligence" (DGFI) afterwards.Group Captain K M Aminul Islam was the first Director General of this organization.In 1994 the organizational structure of DGFI was revised and new organogram started functioning from 08 March 1994.[3][6]

Headquarter[edit | edit source]

The organizational headquarter is just outside Dhaka Cantonment.Headquarters of this organization was earlier located at 32 Cantonment Bazar in Dhaka Cantonment. On 21 September 2006 this Headquarters shifted to its permanent location at Rajanigandha area inside Dhaka Cantonment in a newly constructed 14 storied building.[3][7]

The present Director General of the DGFI is Major General Sheikh Mamun Khaled.Mamun Khaled, psc is the 23rd Director General of this organization and took over his assignment on 22 June 2011. He succeeded [Lieutenant General Mollah Fazle Akbar in (2011)].[3][8]

The organization has five individual and three combined desks. The Counter Terrorism Bureau of this organization works jointly with the RAB, an elite anti-crime and anti-terrorism unit of Bangladesh Police and the Special Branch of Bangladesh Police. It also has operational links with agencies of other countries. It has got secret agents all over the country specially in cantonment areas.

Functions[edit | edit source]

The main objectives of the DGFI are to collect and analyse intelligence information to advice the government of Bangladesh. [1][9]

Training[edit | edit source]

DGFI personnel undergo extensive advanced commando and intelligence training. Training of DGFI personnel is conducted both within country and abroad in the United States, United Kingdom and Pakistan with the respective intelligence agencies. Centers for special training are located all over Bangladesh including Comilla.[1][10]

Budget[edit | edit source]

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