Dominick Olivetto
Occupation Former Boss of the Philadelphia crime family[1]

Dominick Olivetto was the former Underboss of the Philadelphia crime family until Joseph Ida's deportation in 1959 when Olivetto refused to take the role of boss.[2]

Life in the Mob[edit | edit source]

When Marco Reginelli died in 1956, Dominick Olivetto was named the new Underboss of the Philly Mob. Joseph Ida and his Underboss Dominick Olivetto were present during the 1957 Apalachin Meeting with roughly 100 other mobsters from around the country. It was around this time that Philadelphia crime family was given a seat on The Commission (mafia). The meeting was discovered by US law enforcement and over 60 mobsters were arrested and indicted for association organized crime members. Ida was named in the indictment and was deported to Italy not long afterwards. Antonio Pollina became Acting boss in Ida's absence. Olivetto refused to be the boss due to his own problems with the police. Dominick Olivetto was allowed to retire by Angelo Bruno along with Pollina when Bruno took over as boss.[3]

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