Eliana Castaldo (b. 11/14/1969 in Florida) is a United States intelligence officer, indicted by an Italian magistrate[1] for involvement in the so-called Imam Rapito affair, in which an Egyptian cleric, Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, was abducted from the streets of Milan on February 17, 2003, and then sent to Egypt where he was allegedly tortured, in violation of Italian law, although with the collusion of Italian intelligence agents.

"Eliana Castaldo" is perhaps a pseudonym; a reporter's attempts to contact her through the number listed on the affidavit produced inconsistent responses: one refused to identify the business, another said she was with an answering service, while a third said the number was that of a firm by the name of Washburn and Company. Each of the persons answering denied there was an Eliana Castaldo reachable at that number.[2]

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