Gaspare Messina (died June 15, 1957) founded the New England Mafia also known as the Patriarca crime family in 1916. Married to Francesca (Reggio) Messina, he immigrated to Brooklyn from Sicily with his wife Francesca, his brother Phillip, and his brother’s wife Giovanna in 1905. Phillip eventually abandoned his family. Several years after their arrival in New York, Don Gaspare, Francesca and Phillip's wife Giovanna moved to Boston, Massachusetts. Gaspare and Francesca had three sons: Salvatore, Luciano and Vito, and one daughter, Gasparina. Giovanna had one son, Luciano. Gaspare Messina retired as head of the Boston Mafia in 1924. He was succeeded by Phil Buccola. Don Gaspare died on June 15, 1957, in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Preceded by
New title
Patriarca crime family Boss
Succeeded by
Phil Buccola
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