Gregory Goffredo
Occupation Mobster and son of Mauro Goffredo [1]

Gregory Goffredo is the son of waste management tycoon, Mauro Goffredo and is a member of the Philadelphia crime family. [2]

All-Star and Top Job Carting[edit | edit source]

Goffredo's father Mauro Goffredo founded and operated Top Job carting until his death. When he died, Gregory took over Top Job and also controlled his own carting company called All-Star carting. Gregory, made the no-show job possible for Ligambi. Gregory Goffredo was described in the report as the owner of Top Job and All Star carting, based in New Egypt, New Jersey. Goffredo's alleged mob ties and Ligambi's connection to the trash company exemplify what the commission called organized crime's "hidden hand" in the industry. Gregory Goffredo was listed as a "salesman" at Top Job and All Star, so he was not required to go through state licensing scrutiny, according to the report. Had he had a background investigation, All Star likely would have been denied a license to operate in New Jersey, the report concluded. Gregory Goffredo said he was no longer in the trash business, however an immediate family member is still listed as the president of the company. [3]

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