Johannes Max Clemens (February 9, 1902 — 1976) was a German functionary of respectively the SS, Sicherheitsdienst (SD, Security Service) was primarily the intelligence service of the SS and the Nazi Party in Nazi Germany. Perhaps he is the same that Viktor Klemperer defines as "animal" in his diaries and that answered to a victim of his brutality who asked him "why do you hate me so much?", "Simply because you are jew". Then he participated to the Gehlen Organization and Bundesnachrichtendienst (Bundesnachrichtendienst (Federal Intelligence Service, BND) is the foreign intelligence agency of the modern German government, under the control of the Chancellor's Office), and finally h e made his job for the KGB (the KGB was the national security agency of the USSR).

Clemens was part of a group of Soviet spies that were put on trial in 1963. His co-defendants were Heinz Felfe and Erwin Tiebel.[1] Clemens received a 10-years sentence for treason.[2]

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