Henry E. Petersen was a United States Assistant Attorney General during the Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford administrations. Petersen conducted many of the Watergate questionings and was perhaps the only one conducting research into allegations of modern time US voting fraud as early as the 1970s.

The violation allegedly occurred during the September 1970 Florida primary elections when Kenneth Collier, later a co-author of the book "Votescam", was a candidate for U.S. Congressman running against the incumbent Claude Pepper on the Democratic ticket.

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The elections were alleged "rigged" because immediately after the polls closed, Miami television stations predicted the final vote percentages of each candidate and the projected vote totals. The television stations' predictions were allegedly 100% accurate. Professor Ross Beiler of the University of Miami and Mr. Elton Davis of the Cavanaugh Computer Corporation apparently programmed the computers for the Miami television stations which predicted the election outcome. The Colliers allege Beiler and Davis participated in a scheme to rig the above mentioned primary. Statements obtained from the Colliers regarding their allegations have been forwarded to the Criminal Division which has requested Beiler and Davis to be interviewed to ascertain their possible involvement in alleged scheme to rig this election. If either Professor Beiler or Mr. Davis acknowledges that he did participate [sic] in rigging this election, the Bureau should attempt to ascertain the manner in which this rigging was effected, for what purpose it was effected, and who directed that the election be rigged.

ACTION: Departmental Attorney Craig C. Donsanto was contacted and advised as a matter of courtesy It is recommended the Crime Records Division advise Congressman Pepper that at the specific request of Assistant Attorney General Henry E. Petersen, Criminal Division of the Department of Justice an investigation has been instituted. (End of memo)

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224 - Letter Accepting the Resignation of Henry E. Petersen as Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division. November 5, 1974:

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