Ignazio "Natz" Denaro
Occupation former Underboss of the Philadelphia crime family [1]

Ignazio "Natz" Denaro was the former Underboss of the Philadelphia crime family from 1959-1970.[2]

Choosing Sides[edit | edit source]

Antonio "Mr. Migs" Pollina wanted to plot the murder of his rival, Angelo Bruno. He assigned the murder contract to his underboss, Ignazio Denaro. But Denaro told Bruno, who appealed to the Commission. [3]

The Commission heard both sides. They decided to make Angelo Bruno the boss of Philadelphia crime family. Bruno declined to have Pollina murdered. He kepy Denaro around until his death; Ignazio Denaro was the Underboss from 1959-1970 when he died of natural causes.[4]

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