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Vincent James Squillante, aka Jimmy Jerome (June 7, 1919 – September 23, 1960), was a New York mobster who belonged to the Gambino crime family and was known as "king of the garbage collection racket". Squillante also worked as an assassin for mob boss Albert "Mad Hatter" Anastasia.

Vincent was born to Luigi and Bedelia Alberti, one of two sons, the other being Nunzio and seven sisters. He stood at 5'2 and weighed 130 pounds. He married Theresa Scialabba in 1949 and fathered one child, Bedelia. He divorced Theresa in 1951 and married Olivia Hughes and fathered two daughters with her, Donna and Olivia. He is the uncle to mobster Jerry Mancuso. In 1963, Government informant Joe Valachi claimed that Squillante participated in the 1957 slaying of Anastasia underboss Frank "Don Cheech" Scalise. After the murder, Scalise's brother Joe publicly declared that he would avenge Frank's death. However, the Gambino family did not support Joe's declaration, possibly due to Anastasia's opposition. As a result, Joe was forced into hiding for several months until the family ostensibly forgave him. On September 7, 1957, according to Valachi, Squillante invited Joe to his house. Once Joe arrived, Squillante and several others murdered him, dismembered his body, loaded the remains onto one of Squillante's garbage trucks, and dumped them.

In fall 1960, Squillante was indicted on extortion charges. Reportedly, the Gambino family worried that Squillante could not handle the upcoming trial and probable prison sentence. So, to "put him out of his misery", the family ordered Squillante's murder. On September 23, 1960, [1] Squillante disappeared. According to some accounts, Squillante was shot in the head and loaded into a car trunk. The car allegedly went through an automobile crusher and the salvaged metal was melted down in a open hearth furnace. However, some newspaper accounts of that period claim that Squillante was actually seen on September 30 at 2 a.m. driving around the Bronx neighborhood in his brother-in-law's car. In any case, Squillante's body was never found and no murder suspects were ever arrested.

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