Jarret Brachman
Occupation Author, consultant, scholar, and on the faculty of North Dakota State University
Alma mater Augustana College (BA, 2000); University of Delaware (MA, 2002; PhD, 2006)
Subjects Terrorism
Notable work(s) Global Jihadism: Theory and Practice


Jarret Brachman is a terrorism expert,[1] the author of Global Jihadism: Theory and Practice[2][3] and a consultant to several government agencies about terrorism.[4][5]

Education and career[edit | edit source]

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West Point

He is a graduate of Augustana College (BA, 2000) and University of Delaware (MA, 2002; PhD, 2006).[6]

He is a former graduate fellow at the Central Intelligence Agency (2003), and the former director of research at West Point's Combating Terrorism Center (2004–08).[7][8]

He coined the phrase "jihobbyist" in his 2008 book Global Jihadism: Theory and Practice. It is used to denote a person who is not an active member of a violent jihadi organization such as Al-Qaeda or the Somali Al Shabaab, but who has a fascination with and enthusiasm for jihad and radical Islam.[9][10]

Brachman, now managing director of Cronus Global LLC and a civilian scholar on the faculty of North Dakota State University, regularly briefs government officials on terrorism issues.[11][12]

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