John Douglas Kinser (1918 - 1951) was a thirty-three year old golf professional from Austin, Texas who was murdered on October 22, 1951.[1] He owned Butler Park, a lovely area located across the Colorado River in Austin.[2] He was dating Lyndon Baines Johnson's sister Josefa at the time of his death. Mac Wallace, who previously dated Josefa, was convicted of killing Kinser. Wallace, who once worked for Johnson in Washington, DC, was convicted of first degree murder. However, he received only a five year suspended sentence for the crime, after being defended by Johnson's lawyer,[3] John Cofer.[4]

Kinser was shot by Wallace in the Keeper's House of the Austin golf course. Wallace was charged with first degree murder after he was apprehended.[5]

The jury which tried Wallace in 1952 was stacked, with the addition of D.L. Johnson (no relation to Lyndon Johnson). D.L. Johnson advocated a hung jury, until the other eleven jurors gave in to his demands.[1]

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