John L. Helgerson is a long-time official of the United States' most senior intelligence agency, the CIA.[1][2][3] Helgerson was the CIA Inspector General from 2002-2009.[4] Helgerson is a graduate of Saint Olaf College. His Masters and PhD are from Duke University in Political Science.

Before joining the CIA Helgerson was a research associate at the University of Zambia and a Professor at the University of Cincinnati.

Helgerson's tenure since he joined the CIA, in 1971, has been on the research-analytical side, rather than the operational side. His most recent post was Inspector General.

Helgerson drafted a critical review of former director George Tenet's tenure, delivered to the United States Congress in September 2005, that recommended "punitive sanctions".[5][6]

In December 2005 press reports quoting unnamed CIA sources state that Helgerson is investigating "erroneous extraordinary renditions" -- that is the extrajudicial kidnapping, for the purpose of extreme interrogation, of suspected enemies, like Maher Arar and Khalid El-Masri, who turned out to be completely innocent.[7][8][9]

In October 2007 it was reported that CIA director Michael Hayden had launched an inquiry into Helgerson's conduct as Inspector General of the CIA.[10]

In 2009, a report John Helgerson had written on CIA interrogations was ordered released by a US judge. That reported described, and strongly criticized the use of harsh interrogation techniques against detainees.[11]

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