Josiah Mushore Chinamano (died 1984) fought in the Rhodesian Bush War on behalf of the Zimbabwe African People's Union.[citation needed] He later served as the Minister of Transport.[1]

Chinamano was second-in-command to Joshua Nkomo, and shared many of the same ideological and political beliefs. The two, along with Chinamano's wife Ruth and Joseph Msika, another leadership figure in the struggle, were detained by the Smith administration in 1964. Their influential role at the forefront of the movement proved threatening to the Rhodesian government.

The four leaders spent several years in Gonakudzingwa Restriction Camp, separated from their young families.

Political pressure on the Smith administration resulted in their release. Chinamano resumed his statesman duties.

Chinamano died in 1984 and was laid to rest at the National Heroes Acre in Harare. He was survived by two sons, a daughter and three grandchildren.

References[edit | edit source]

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