The Lashkar al-Zil or Shadow Army (also known as Jaish al Usrah, or the Army of the Protective Shield[1]) is a paramilitary organization linked to al-Qaeda and descended from the 055 Brigade.[2] According to Syed Saleem Shahzad, it "comprises the Pakistani Taliban, 313 Brigade, the Afghan Taliban, Hezb-e-Islami Afghanistan and former Iraqi Republican Guards".[3] Lashkar al-Zil has reportedly been led by Khalid Habib al Shami (killed October 2008),[2] Abdullah Said al Libi (killed December 2009), and Ilyas Kashmiri (killed June 3, 2011).[4][3]

The Lashkar al-Zil has been involved in attacks in Afghanistan's eastern and southern provinces.[5] News reports have linked it to several specific attacks, including the Camp Chapman attack (December 30, 2009)[3] and the Sudhnati suicide bombing (January 6, 2010).[6]

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