Template:Dynamic list This is a list of KGB agents who have defected.

Name Defection date Country of defection Comment
Georges Agabekov 1930 Template:Country data FRA France
Yuri Bezmenov[1] 1970 Template:Country data CAN Canada
Igor Cherpinski[2]
Peter Deryabin[3] 1953 22x20px Austria
Ilya Dzhirkvelov[3] 1980 22x20px Switzerland
Anatoliy Golitsyn[3] 1961, December 15 Template:Country data FIN Finland
Oleg Gordievsky 1985, July 19 Template:Country data GBR United Kingdom
Sergei Illarionov[2] 1992[citation needed] Template:Country data ITA Italy
Sergei Kourdakov 1971, September 4 Template:Country data CAN Canada
Viktor Kravchenko[3] 1944
Walter Krivitsky 1937, October Template:Country data FRA France
Vladimir Kuzichkin[3] 1982 22x20px Iran
Stanislav Levchenko[3] 1979, October 22x20px Japan
Oleg Lyalin[3] 1971 Template:Country data GBR United Kingdom
Vasili Mitrokhin 1992 Template:Country data Estonia Estonia
Alexei Myagkov[3] 1974 22x20px West Berlin
Yuri Nosenko[4] 1962 Template:Country data SUI Switzerland Authenticity of defection disputed[3]
Viktor Oshchenko[citation needed] 1992, July Template:Country data GBR United Kingdom
Alexander Orlov 1938 Template:Country data CAN Canada Authenticity of defection disputed[3]
Vladimir Petrov and Evdokia Petrov [3] 1954, April 3 Template:Country data AUS Australia
Vitaly Yurchenko 1985 Template:Country data ITA Italy Authenticity of defection disputed; later returned to USSR.[3]

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