Living Under Drones full title: Living Under Drones: Death, Injury and Trauma to Civilians from U.S. Drone Practices in Pakistan, is an academic study authored by Professor James Cavallaro, Clinical Lecturer Stephan Sonnenberg, Omar Shakir, Mohammad M. Ali, Adelina Acuna, and Jennifer Gibson of Stanford University and Professor Ms. Knuckey, from New York University, and an accompanying video by the filmmaker Robert Greenwald. It finds that drone attacks terrorize the civilian population in North-West Pakistan. Around two (2) percent of the casualties would be "high-level" targets, according to the study. Professor Cavallaro says drone strikes "may well be counter-productive at many levels." On September 25th, more than 345 strikes had hit Pakistan's tribal areas near the border with Afghanistan in the past eight years. The study was released to the press on 25 September 2012.

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  • The full report International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic (Stanford Law School) and Global Justice Clinic (NYU School of Law), Living Under Drones: Death, Injury, and Trauma to Civilians From US Drone Practices in Pakistan (September, 2012). (PDF, 182 pp.)

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