Mauro Goffredo
Occupation Mobster [1]

Mauro Goffredo was a member of the Philadelphia crime family who was involved directly with waste management with Joseph Ligambi[2]

Top Job snd the Mob[edit | edit source]

Goffredo founded and operated Top Job waste management until his death. Top Job was based in South Philadelphia and for a decade had a highly lucrative contract to remove trash from the Philadelphia Produce Center off Packer Avenue. Joseph Ligambi, the one-time acting boss of the Philadelphia crime family, was on the company payroll from 2003 to 2011. For most of that time, he was paid $1,000-a-week and had his health benefits covered. [3]

That alone couldn’t have financed the lifestyle Ligambi was leading, but it was a start. What’s more, it appears the “job” didn’t take up a lot of his time. The connection with Top Job was arranged by Goffredo, one of the owners of the company. After the State Commission of Investigation report came out in November, Goffredo’s son, Gregory Goffredo, briefly took over the business, was asked why his father had employed the alleged mob boss. “They were friends,” he said. Asked if Ligambi ever did any work for the company, he paused for just a second. “Not that I know of,” he said.[4]

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