The Tunisian Ministry of the Interior is a government ministry of Tunisia, responsible mainly for internal affairs.[citation needed]

In a communiqué released on Monday 7 March 2011, the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior said it has already started implementing the following measures:[1]

  • Breaking definitely with all forms of organisation akin to "political police" whether at the level of structure, mission or practices.
  • Removing the State Security Division.
  • Reasserting the commitment of the Interior Ministry to enforce the law and respect freedoms and civil rights.

In this communiqué the Interior Ministry said all these practical measures are in harmony with the values of the revolution and are designed to comply with the law, in theory and practice, in materialisation of the climate of confidence and transparency in the relationship between security services and the citizens. These measures, adds the communiqué, were also taken to overcome the deficiencies noted under the former regime. They are also part of the re-organisation of the Home Security structures by drawing inspiration on regulations in force in democratic States as well as the expertise and experiences of these countries.

These measures and decisions, said the communiqué, are part of the new approach of the Interior Ministry's competences and the will to continue the action already started to contribute to achieving the attributes of democracy, dignity and freedom.

USGN[edit | edit source]

The National Guard Special Unit (USGN) (French: Unite Speciale' Garde Nationale) is a Tunisian counter-terrorism unit created in the 1980s and based in Hammemet. It appears to be part of the National Guard of Tunisia, itself part of the Ministry of the Interior (Tunisia).

The unit comprises 50 men divided into three sections (two operational, one headquarters). The USGN is reinforced by the National Guard Commando Company (GCGN) (French: Groupment de Commando of the Garde National).[2]

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