The United States' National Security Agency (NSA), an intelligence agency of the federal government, publishes many documents on the history and technology of cryptology, cryptography, cryptanalysis through various publications.

NSA Technical Journal[edit | edit source]

The NSA Technical Journal was established in 1954 by General Ralph J. Canine to "foster the exchange of ideas and create an 'intellectual community' within the Agency".[1] In 1981, the publication was consolidated with the Cryptologic Spectrum into a single publication, called Cryptologic Quarterly.

Cryptologic Spectrum[edit | edit source]

Cryptologic Spectrum was a cryptology journal published internally by the NSA.[2] The journal was first published in 1969, until consolidation with the NSA Technical Journal in 1981. A selection of articles published between 1969 and 1981 are available to the public online.[3]

The journal had been classified until its tables of contents were published online in September 2006 following a Freedom of Information Act request in 2003.[4]

Cryptologic Quarterly[edit | edit source]

Cryptologic Quarterly was the combined result of the merger of NSA Technical Journal and Cryptologic Spectrum in 1981. CQ as it is sometimes known by, expanded its coverage to cover a larger segment of NSA readership.

Cryptologic Almanac[edit | edit source]

Cryptologic Almanac is a cryptology academic publication published internally by the NSA.[2] The Almanac publishes short vignettes about NSA or NSA-related topics.

The Almanac was first published in 19??, and a selection of articles published are available to the public online.[3]

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