Nicholas "Nicky the Crow" Caramandi
Born South Philadelphia
Charge(s) Extortion
Conviction status Released: Entered Witness Protection
Occupation former hitman for the Philadelphia crime family

Nicholas "Nicky the Crow" Caramandi (South Philadelphia) was a former hitman for the Philadelphia crime family before entering the Witness Protection. [1]

Scarfo's Favorite Hitman[edit | edit source]

Nick Caramandi was the man Nicodemo Scarfo went to when he needed somebody murdered. Scarfo has been described as the most vicious Mob boss of this generation because of the ruthlessness of hitmen like Caramandi.

Scarfo assigned the contract on Harry Riccobene to capo Pat Spirito who gave the job to Charlie Iannece and Caramandi After several blown opportunities during the early months of 1982, Scarfo put together a new plan. Frank Monte, the new Philadelphia crime family’s consigliere, and Raymond Martorano paid a visit to Harry Riccobene’s half-brother Mario. After listening to an offer to “serve up” Harry, Mario told the two men he would get back with them. Instead, he went straight to his brother Harry and exposed the plot. Scarfo gunman Nick Caramandi stalked Harry and later Mario Riccobene all over the city. The hit team would sometimes work from 7:00 a.m. until late into the night. They staked out Riccobene’s step-mother’s home, girlfriend’s apartments, the homes of friends and business associates, all in hopes of getting an open shot at their adversaries. After Spirito’s murder, Caramandi and Iannece were assigned to Salvatore Testa. Caramandi stated that the word coming from Scarfo out of La Tuna was that he wanted to “hear noise.” Scarfo was pleased that Caramandi and Iannece had taken care of Spirito. They were promised their “buttons,” – becoming made members of the family – when Scarfo returned. However, that never happened. [2]

Nicky the Crow became a stool pigeon, a government witness against Nicodemo Scarfo. Caramandi not only killed for Scarfo, but also killed Scarfo by testifying against him. [3]

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