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The Norwegian Police Security Service (Template:Lang-no, PST) is the police security agency of Norway, somewhat comparable to the British MI5 (Security Service). The agency was previously known as POT (Politiets overvåkningstjeneste or Police Surveillance Agency), the name change was dictated by the Parliament of Norway on 2 June 2001.

The service was established in 1936 or 1937. It is responsible for monitoring and securing the interior security in Norway. Known operational departments include counterintelligence unit, counterterrorism unit, counterproliferation and organized crime unit, counterextremism unit, investigation unit, surveillance unit, technology unit, security analysis unit and foreign citizens unit. In addition, PST is in charge of all VIP protection domestically and abroad except for the royal family, which has its own independent escort service.

PST is unlike all ordinary police services not a part of the National Police Directorate but placed directly under the Ministry of Justice and the Police. Also, the agency is monitored by the Norwegian Parliamentary Intelligence Oversight Committee, after it conducted unlawful political surveillance on national citizens during the Cold War.


PST headquarters.

The organization consists of Den Sentrale Enhet (central unit) which is located in Nydalen, Oslo, as well as individual police officers in all the police regions.

Directors[edit | edit source]

This is a list of the directors of the agency.[1]

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