The Office of National Narcotics Intelligence (ONNI) was a federal law enforcement agency under the Justice Department that dealt in analysis of illegal drugs and was tasked to develop a National Narcotics Intelligence System. It conducted analysis only and had no operational responsibilities. Liaison was conducted with CIA, BNDD and Customs, who provided staff members. ONNI was founded in August 1972 under order of President Richard M. Nixon. The agency was headed by former FBI intelligence chief William C. Sullivan until ONNI was consolidated into the newly created Drug Enforcement Administration in July 1973 (along with the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, the Office of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement, some Customs officers. Waldo Dubberstein, the special assistant to Sullivan, and retired from CIA and DIA, committed suicide in April 1983 after being indicted for selling military secrets to Libya.

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