Operation Cannonball is an American Central Intelligence Agency operation that was disclosed in 2008.[1] Beginning in 2006, it was intended as part of an effort to capture Osama Bin Laden and eliminate Al Qaeda forces in Pakistan.[1] There was reportedly "mounting frustration" among Pentagon officials due to the ongoing delay and deployment of special forces units, as originally planned in the Cannonball program.[2] The operation was reportedly hampered by conflicts between CIA offices, leading to large delays in the deployment of the program.[1] Partially to blame for the presently failed deployment of the program was conflict among United States intelligence agencies, among with resources having been diverted to the War In Iraq.[2]

The existence of the covert program, and its various internal conflicts, was revealed to the public by the New York Times on June 30, 2008.[3] The New York Times article was said to be "exposing highly classified Pentagon orders".[3]

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