Oreste Pinto (born October 9, 1889, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; died September 18, 1961 in London, England) was a Dutch counterintelligence officer and Lieutenant-Colonel. His activities during the Second World War, in which he worked with MI5 interrogating refugees to England, resulted in the capture of eight spies.

In 1952, Pinto published two books, Spy-catcher and Friend or Foe?  These formed the basis of the 1959-1961 BBC television series Spycatcher, in which he was portrayed by Bernard Archard. The 1962 Dutch programme De Fuik, in which Pinto was portrayed by Frits Butzelaar,[1] was also derived from them.

Dwight Eisenhower once described Pinto as "the greatest living authority on security".[2] The Daily Telegraph referred to him as a "human bloodhound".[3] Conversely, Guy Liddell stated in 1942 that he had been told that Pinto had "a thoroughly bad record".[4]

Pinto's career in intelligence began in 1913, when he was recruited by the Deuxieme Bureau.

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