Peter "Petey" Casella
Born South Philadelphia
Charge(s) Narcotics Distribution
Conviction status Died in 1984
Occupation former Underboss of Philadelphia crime family

Peter "Petey" Casella (South Philadelphia) was the former Underboss of the Philadelphia crime family.

Disarray after The Gentle Don's Death[edit | edit source]

Casella was released from a 17-year prison sentence just in time to bid for the boss position after the murder of Angelo Bruno in 1980. He was a popular figure in the family who was deep in narcotics; which contradicted the image Angelo Bruno. Casella was made underboss by Phillip Testa in an attempt to pascify the chaos in Philadelphia. Casella was suspected of ordering the murder of Testa. Testa was killed by a bomb planted under the front of his house on March 15, 1981. Casella immediately fled Philadelphia because he was known for being a bomb expert. [1]

Cassela's closest associates "Chickie" Narducchi, Frank and Rocco Marinucchi were murdered for their involvement in the murder of Testa. Casella was later located in Florida to live with his daughter. He was never brought to justice for the murder of Testa and died of natural causes in 1984. [2]

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