Ralph Esposito
Born Brooklyn, New York
Charge(s) extortion ring that forced dock workers at a cargo terminal here to pay kickbacks for better jobs
Occupation member of Genovese crime family

Ralph Esposito of the Lincroft section of Middletown Township, New Jersey, is a member of the New York-based Genovese crime family and was a shop steward for the International Longshoreman's Association Local 1588. He was indicted on charges related to a "money for work" shake-down of dock workers at various New Jersey waterfront shipping terminals.[1]

2003 Indictment[edit | edit source]

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was targeting union and labor corruption with Mafia influence on the New Jersey waterfront. The investigation focused on current and former union representatives and Genovese crime family associates demanding money from the ILA membership in return for prime job assignments, training for higher paying jobs and overtime assignments. Ralph Esposito was in charge of collecting that money as acting shop steward.[2]

Ralph was charged with racketeering, extortion, bribery and conspiracy. He entered a not guilty plea before being released on bail of $150,000. Howard Brownstein, Esposito's lawyer, disclosed in court that the investigation ended prematurely a few months ago after repairmen at the union's office discovered wires for a state video surveillance camera hidden above ceiling panels.[3]

A government wiretap caught Genovese crime family members Nick Furina and Ralph Esposito sitting in an office on the docks discussing how to scare members who asked questions at meetings. "You gotta place guys all over the place," Furina, a hiring agent for a major employer on the Bayonne piers was heard instructing Esposito, the shop steward representing more than 180 members working for Global Terminal. "Every time someone goes up to make a beef," said Furina, "they gotta rebut them. Say, 'Ah, why don'tcha sit down? Blah blah blah.' "[4]Template:Failed verification

Although Esposito was indicted for extortion of his union members and working with the Genovese crime family, he Nick Furina, and John Timpanaro are still seen meeting in and around New York and New Jersey according to law enforcement.[5]

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