Romie J. Nappi
Born January 13, 1920
Died November 2001 (age 81)
Occupation Political Fixer for the Chicago Outfit
Home town Chicago, Illinois, United States
Spouse(s) Maryon L. Nappi
Children Ralph Nappi (adopted)
Relatives Armando Fosco Sr. (brother-in-law)

Romie J. Nappi, also known as Jack Nappi, was a World War II veteran[1] and a political fixer for the Chicago Outfit. He worked with Murray "The Hump" Humphreys and had powerful connections to Chicago 1st Ward bosses like Pat Marcy.[2]

Romie Nappi was extremely good at staying under the radar of the government. One of the only instances he is mentioned in official government documents is in 1946. Towards the end of that year, Mob boss Tony Accardo ordered Pat Manno, Romie Nappi and several other Outfit associates down to Dallas, Texas in order to make sure local sheriff Steve Gutherie was copasetic with the Outfit’s expansion into Dallas. This meeting included the participation of the now infamous Jack Ruby, who had a great deal of connections to law enforcement in the State of Texas.[3]

This move ultimately met with failure. On December 18, 1946, the FBI reported that Romie Nappi was charged with attempted bribery of elected officials and held without bond.[4]

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