The Intelligence System in Russia (Система спецслужб России) is a complex of many Intelligence Agencies, while they are operating under the supervision of the National Security Council of Russia (Совет Безопасности Российской Федерации).

The Governmental Services that responsible for Intelligence gathering are:

The Intelligence system in Russia including many security services:

  • Federal Security Service - The Federal Security Service that responsible for counter-intelligence, State Security and anti-terrorist operations
  • FSTEK -Federal Service for Technic and Export Control (Федеральная служба по техническому и экспортному контролю); responsible for Information Security and Protection of the Russian Technoloy
  • FSO - Federal Protective Service that responsible for bodyguard services in Russia
  • GUSP - The Main Directorate for Special Programs is a special Department in the Presidential Administration, responsible for the governmental bunkers and the protection of the Institutions of the Russia Federal Government.
  • FTS - Federal Customs Service of Russia.
  • Rosfinmonitoring - The Federal Financial Monitoring Service is the Russian Financial Intelligence, responsible for combating the money laundering and Terror financing.
  • FSKN - Federal Anti-Narcotics Service, responsible for Anti-Drugs operations
  • FSKA - Federal Anti-Alcoholic Service, combating against fake Alcoholic products
  • MVD - The Federal Ministry for Internal Affairs, responsible for Law enforcement

Presidential, Governmental and Parliamentary Supervision[edit | edit source]

Presidential Administration[edit | edit source]

Department of Legal Security Affairs under the State Law Directorate of the Presidential Administration is the presidential body who is responsible for supervision over the Security and Intelligence in Russia.

State Duma and Federation Council[edit | edit source]

The Parliamentary supervision over the Intelligence Community in Russia is undertaken by The Federation Council's Committee for Security and Defense, and The Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption of the State Duma, which supervises the Intelligence and Security Forces.

Government's Administrative Department[edit | edit source]

The Governmental Supervision over the Intelligence Community is undertaken by The Administrative Department of the Government of Russia.

Heads of Department[edit | edit source]

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