Servicio de Inteligencia del Ejército (Army Intelligence Service, SIE) is the Argentine Army's intelligence agency. It is a division of J-2 and reports to the Army's Jefatura II (the General Staff's intelligence service).

The Service is composite of 11 Intelligence Companies, 30 Independent Intelligence Platoons, 1 Intelligence Support Group, 1 Military Intelligence Collector Centre, 3 Division Intelligence Collection Centre, and 2 Combat Army Intelligence Detachment (601 & 602), two units of special intelligence operations.

Intelligence Units[edit | edit source]

Unit Command Place Province
1st Intelligence Company I Armored Brigade Tandil Buenos Aires
2nd Intelligence Company II Armored Brigade Santa Fe Santa Fe
3rd Intelligence Company III Jungle Brigade Resistencia Chaco
4th Intelligence Company IV Parachute Brigade Córdoba Córdoba
5th Intelligence Company V Mechanized Brigade Salta Salta
6th Intelligence Company VI Mountain Brigade Neuquén Neuquén
8th Intelligence Company VIII Mountain Brigade Mendoza Mendoza
9th Intelligence Company IX Mechanized Brigade Comodoro Rivadavia Chubut
10th Intelligence Company X Mechanized Brigade Santa Rosa La Pampa
11th Intelligence Company XI Mechanized Brigade Río Gallegos Santa Cruz
12th Intelligence Company XII Jungle Brigade Posadas Misiones
121st Division Intelligence Collection Centre II Army Corp Curuzú Cuatiá Corrientes
141st Division Intelligence Collection Centre III Army Corp Córdoba Córdoba
181st Division Intelligence Collection Centre V Army Corp Bahía Blanca Buenos Aires
Military Intelligence Centre J-II Army Campo de Mayo Buenos Aires
601st Combat Army Intelligence Detachment J-II Army Campo de Mayo Buenos Aires
602nd Combat Army Intelligence Detachment J-II Army Holmberg Córdoba
Intelligence Support Battalion J-II Army Campo de Mayo Buenos Aires

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