An overview of South African intelligence service decorations and medals, which form part of the South African honours system.

National Intelligence Service[edit | edit source]

The National Intelligence Service was established in 1963 as Republican Intelligence, a branch of the South African Police. It became a separate service, the Bureau for State Security, in 1968, and was renamed the Directorate of National Security in 1979 and the National Intelligence Service in 1980.

A series of decorations and medals was instituted for the NIS in 1981. It was enlarged in 1987 and 1990.

  • Long service medal
    • NIS Medal for Faithful Service (1981-94)

The NIS was superseded in 1994 by the National Intelligence Agency and the South African Secret Service.

National Intelligence Agency and SA Secret Service[edit | edit source]

A new series of decorations and medals was instituted in 2005 for members of the NIA and the SASS (collectively referred to as the "Intelligence Services"):

  • Long service medal
    • Intelligence Services Loyal Service Medal (2005- )

References[edit | edit source]

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