Template:Infobox Government agency The State Intelligence Service (SIS) is an intelligence agency of the Sri Lankan government.[1][2] It is tasked with both internal and external intelligence. It comes directly under the Ministry of Defence and was formally known as the National Intelligence Bureau.

History[edit | edit source]

Until 1984, the Sri Lanka Police were responsible for internal intelligence functions, first under the Special Branch, and later under the Intelligence Services Division. The perceived failure of the Intelligence Services Division during the riots of July 1983 led the J.R. Jayawardene Government to re-evaluate the nation's intelligence network, and in 1984 the President set up a National Intelligence Bureau. The new organization combined intelligence units from the Army, Navy, Air force, and Police.[3] It has been since renamed the State Intelligence Service in 2006.

Directorates[edit | edit source]

  • Directorate of Internal Intelligence
  • Directorate of Foreign Intelligence

Operations[edit | edit source]

The Famous Kumaran Pathmanadan AKA KP Who is a International Illegal Arm Trafficar an a major arm supplier of LTTE is captured in Malaysia and he moved to Sri Lanka by agency via Thailand by This Agency. [4]

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