Terenty Deribas
File:NKVD Deribas.jpg
Far Eastern Commander of the NKVD
In office
10 July 1934 – 31 July 1937
Succeeded by Vsevolod Balitsky
Personal details
Born 1883
Uspenskoe, Yekaterinoslav Governorate, Russian Empire
Died July 28, 1938(1938-07-28) (aged 55)
Nationality Soviet
Political party Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Terenty Dmitrievich Deribas (Template:Lang-ru; 28.03.1883 village of Uspenskoe Yekaterinoslav Governorate - 28.07.1938) was one of the NKVD top officials.

In November 1918 he joined the Cheka and the Red Army, and was chief of the political department of several divisions. He took part in the suppression of counter-revolutionary uprisings, including those of Kronstadt and Tambov.

In 1929, Deribas was transferred as a representative of the OGPU to the Far East, where he led a massive repression. In 1931, he became a member of the board of the NKVD.

During the Great Purge, he was removed from his post (31 July 1937), then arrested (12 August 1937), sentenced to death (28 July 1938), and shot on the same day, at the firing range Kommunarka.

He was posthumously rehabilitated on 31 December 1957.

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ru:Дерибас, Терентий Дмитриевич

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