LT John Sullivan designed the Los Angeles Terrorism Early Warning Group also known as a TEW, or TEWG to provide local responders information on the current threat and offer decision making information to community leaders to deal with threats and incidents.

TEW Mission[edit | edit source]

Terrorism Early Warning (TEW) Groups constitute a multilateral, multidisciplinary, networked effort. Each individual TEW shares the following attributes:

  • Serves as the focal point for analyzing the strategic and operational information needed to respond to terrorism and protect critical infrastructure;
  • Responsible for information sharing and intelligence fusion;
  • Performs net assessments to aid mission planning, decision-making, and allocation of resources in support of incident command during actual events.

Collectively individual TEWs form a node in the TEW network. The overaching mission for individual TEWs and the collective network follows:

Overarching TEW Mission

To develop operational intelligence for area of operations, and contribute to the co-production of intelligence across the TEW and intelligence fusion community in order to prevent, counter and respond to terrorism and emerging threats by conducting indications and warning and operational net assessment.

(Source: National TEW Resource Center, FEB 2006)

Sharing Intelligence[edit | edit source]

The 9/11 Commission Report illustrated some shortcomings in intelligence sharing. The TEW's are examples of state and local efforts that provide a mechanism for the collection, analysis and sharing of information. As the National Terrorism Early Warning Integration Center is being stood up in Los Angeles new ideas in intelligence collection analysis and sharing are being developed at the Federal level in the form of an Intellipedia, and at the local levels in their own wiki as well. The Wiki is the perfect platform, offering the tracking of information change, easy hyper liking and searching, document repository and retrieval and open access within the parameters set by the administration.

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House Testimony[edit | edit source]

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