The Denaro family are reputedly an established family with strong ties to the mafia, based in Sicily, Italy.

Family members[edit | edit source]

The Denaro family are primarily based in Corleone, Sicily, the rumored birthplace of many Mafia dons (crime bosses). However, there are also thought to be extended members of the Denaro family living in the American cities of Chicago and New York.

Anthony Denaro is alleged to be the Capo Dei Capi (boss of all bosses) of the Denaro family. Several of Anthony Denaro's sons are reputedly regular church-goers, each with at least 1 child. Another notable member of the family is Matteo Messina Denaro,[1] who is rumored to be the next Capo Dei Capi of several Sicilian crime syndicates.[2]

In the recent past, several scandals have reputedly affected the Denaro family, including the birth of several children out of wedlock. Santino Denaro, a son of Anthony Denaro, rumored to operate under the moniker "Sonny", caused controversy when he allegedly shot 3 men at his infant daughter's birthday party held in the family's Sicilian home.

Another Sicilian family with alleged links to the mafia are the Lo Piccolo family, with whom the Denaro family are sometimes confused.

History[edit | edit source]

According to Sicilian records, the Denaro family can allegedly trace their heritage back to the 12th century.

Houses belonging to the Denaro family have been raided several times by Italian police forces; however, since 1928, only 5 members of the family have been captured by police. A Sicilian newspaper reported in September 2011 that the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, had vowed to dismantle Sicilian criminal networks, including the Denaro's and Corsino's, if he was re-elected.

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