The NCIC Violent Gang and Terrorist Organization File (VGTOF) was designed to provide identifying information about violent criminal gangs and terrorist organizations and their members to a wide variety of law enforcement personnel. This information warns law enforcement officers of the potential danger posed by violent individuals and to promote the exchange of information about these organizations and members to facilitate criminal investigations.[1] The Violent Gang and Terrorist Organization File was implemented in December 1994.[2] It is run by the National Criminal Information Center (NCIC).[3]

When the Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) became operational on December 1, 2003, and the FBI CJIS Division had modified the NCIC VGTOF to support TSC’s mission.[2]

Since VGTOF information is based on investigative information not previously subject to independent judicial review, strict adherence to policy on the security, use, and dissemination of VGTOF information is necessary.

VGTOF information is for the exclusive use of criminal justice agencies for criminal justice purposes. In no case is VGTOF information be disseminated to any noncriminal justice agency.

The VGTOF is composed of two components:

1. The Group Reference Capability (GRC), which provides information about gangs and terrorist organizations, can be accessed by a QGG inquiry.

2. The Group Member Capability (GMC), which provides information on individual members of gangs or terrorist organizations, can be accessed by a QGM inquiry.

The Terrorism Watch List was part of the VGTOF. It could be accessed during routine traffic stops and notify local officers that a subject is of interest to the FBI. In 2004 it was planned to merge the VGTOF into "a single database managed by the Terrorist Threat Integration Center (TTIC) and the recently announced Terrorist Screening Center (TSC)." [4]

The VGTOF was also used as a data source for FBI's Investigative Data Warehouse.[5] Its information is also a source for the Terrorist Screening Database.[6]

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